We headed out on Hwy 70 to see some color and stop into the Round Lake Rec area to explore the historic Round Lake Logging Dam.  This was located about 13 miles down 70 West from Minocqua


Info on when the lake was used as a storage spot for logs before shipping them over the dam and down the river to be used to build the cities of the Midwest.


There was an easy 1/2 mile loop trail that followed the Flambeau River to the Dam and came back on the otherside of the rive.  Easy and pretty walk


View of the Flambeau River


Color along the trail along with some huge pine trees


Lake side of the dam


View of the river under the dam with the turn stiles that lowered the doors of the dam


We did not explore too much around Round Lake.  It looks like a primative lake with no houses.  There was a boat landing that looked like it had plenty of use. What a pretty lake to head out on


Along the way back we stopped at some ruins of a building where we found the geocache that was hidden there.  There was a travel bug in the cache which had traveled from Southern Minnesota which we will move along on our next adventure


After Round Lake we headed 3 miles up 70 to the Smith Rapids Covered Bridge.  It was pretty and a nice area to walk around


One of the few covered bridges in Wisconsin


View off the bridge.  Definitely worth the drive.  I find many times when folks come to the resort they do many of the same things not venturing off the beaten path.  We have so many parks and beautiful areas like this to enjoy in the Northwoods it really pays to do some exploring and see what you can see