the oak trees are finally bare and time to start The Great 2010 Resort Rake.  Blower makes it a little easier but most of the leaves are still raked the old fashioned way and hauled away into the woods


Line of leaves leading up to the New “used” resort truck.  The old truck was having a few too many issues involving large repair bills and a plow that was not going to make it through the winter so Craig did his rounds looking for his usual good deal, and came up this one.  When trading in the old truck we had it loaded down with old roofing materials from the shed.  It was the weekend and the dump was closed, Craig drove it to the car lot and told the dealer he would include all the free roofing the dealer wanted.  The look on the car dealer’s face was priceless wondering if Craig was actually serious.  I would love to hear the conversation in the back room of the car dealer when he told his boss some guy was here to trade in his truck completely loaded with 100 years worth of old roofing and thinks we will reduce the price for all the free roofing and roofing nails