I had this picture sent to me by the Berchtold Family who gathered as usual at the lake this summer.  I have lost track of how many total we have.  Howard and Jean are in the middle of the picture and surrounding them are most of the kids, grandkids and now great grandkids.

HB ski-79yrs

Howard did his annual tradition of skiing on his birthday.  This year he was 79.  I hope at 79 I am still skiing.  Way to go Howard!!

JB&HB bike2010 WI

What keeps Howard skiing every year?  Bike riding with Jean.  Every day they are here the entire family bike rides into town with Grandma and Grandpa to the Island Cafe for breakfast.  The old 1970 or so green Schwinn bike has made it up and down the trail more than anyother bike and biker I know.  Jean relented a few years ago and got a newer bike and a knee replacement both are keeping her going up and down the trail keeping up with Howard.  Here is to many more years of biking, family and skiing for the Berchtold family