What a storm this was and it is not done yet.  Came outside this morning to find this tree hanging over Wigwam after the 55mph winds went through.  There was not a garbage can standing in the resort, limbs down, a few small trees down and this big spruce hanging.  Electric went off at 1 am as well.  Good thing I passed out all the candles ahead of time to folks staying.


After a very short consultation with Troy we decided this tree was beyond our tree taking down abilities.  This is what you call a widow maker and I have no desire to be a widow.  Made a quick call to the tree service and surprisingly they were able to make it out right away


Tree guys talking it over


More consulting with the tree boss.


With the wind blowing and trees moving it was time to scale the red pine next to the spruce that it was stuck in to hook up a pulley


I don’t know what this guy gets paid but it is not enough to be up in that tree.  At one point as it was swaying with the spruce hooked in it he yelled at the guys on the ground to hurry up.  He wanted down ASAP


All of the ropes and pulleys being set up and hooked up to the green truck.  Brought back a few memories of the guys hooking trees up to our truck and flooring it


Time to make the back cut.  All ropes are taunt and pressure is on the tree


Notice how long the saw blade is to keep the guy as far from the tree as possible


I was wondering why they asked for plywood and we were soon to learn why


Goal was to have the butt of the tree on the plywood but this tree was not cooperating


Sliding further and further down but now stuck


Time to cut off the bottom of the tree


Whew on the ground and nobody hurt except for my check book for 400 dollars but it was money well spent.  More storm pics to come later