With wind gusts still enough to almost blow me off the pier while taking these pics, Steve and Troy went on a pontoon boat rescue mission.  We forgot to put the canopy down on the pontoon before the big wind hit.  There was enough force behind the wind to pull the eye screws right out of the dock that were securing the pontoon.  I am hoping there is no damage done to the canopy.   They look a little cold on their return trip


Chairs sent tumbling


Canoe blown off the dock it was resting on top of.  It was quite a day but I think we finally have most things put to right and sticks  mostly picked up.  As I type this we have snow coming down across the lake.  It is going down to 21 tonight and it is time to finally drain the fish house and other lines    I had this link shared with me about the spotting of a rare albino chickadee which I thought some might enjoy