We heard that call that Winter Park needed help with storm clean up.  Trails were full of downed trees and sticks that would get caught in the groomer.  We headed out to the park just 7.5 miles from the resort to give a hand and met up with one of our former guests Linda Wrobel and her husband John who have made helping out at Winter Park one of the things they enjoy working on, while enjoying their Northwoods retirement.


Open area in front of the chalet, the former Squirrel Hill where folks down hill skied until about 1980.  Now rumor has it Winter Park is exploring ways of making part of this hill approved for sledding which would be a great thing for the area.  Finding a public spot for sledding is hard with insurance companies and this is a perfect hill as you can see for sledders.  Lets hope they work out all the details


End of the trail for driving only walking ahead.


Off for a beautiful afternoon walking the trails.  We cleaned up VO2 Max trail.  Anyone that has survived that trail skiing knows what my legs feel like from hiking it.