Beautiful afternoon time to get the GPS out and to find a neat spot to visit.  You know you are headed to a good spot when the road is reduced to gravel.  We headed out on 70 E to over by Blink Bonnie’s in St Germain where we turned on to County C and then Ross Lake Road which was Gravel to find St Germain on a Cloud cache.  It was at a tiny undeveloped lake called Cloud Lake.  I found out later there was a crude parking area but we just parked along side the road and hiked into a place we never would have found without a GPS


Easy walk among the pines.  No ticks and no bugs was a plus


Cloud Lake what you see is what there is, no houses, pristine shoreline.  You could carry a kayak or canoe in and explore the lake but that would be the only way.  Wonder if there are any find in it..


Cache found and log signed


On the way out grabbed some Winter Green to chew on.  It carpeted the forest here.

We also stopped at a fish rearing pond just up the road that involved a single track road even more interesting but the camera stayed in the car.  With these latest 2 caches it has brought our caching adventures to 160 unique spots we have found through and 31 Travel Bugs we have picked up along the way.