The resort is finally quiet before deer hunting and Thanksgiving.. what does that mean… projects start.  The biggest and most expensive project next to Craig’s roofing project started today.  Kaubashine and Shamrock are getting 2 new septic systems and a new drain field.  The big equipment came in today only thing missing was Craig who always enjoys days that involve septics and digging.  Luckily he marked all the power and gas lines before he left for Arizona.  Question is did he get all of them…


Holes and dirt piles getting bigger and bigger


Shamrock seen through the piles of dirt.  All will be good in the end when things are running smoothly


Digging for the septic started


Drain field which will have to wait til tomorrow


First of 2 septic tanks being positioned.  What other blog posts picutres of septic tanks?


Both tanks in position.  Tune back in tomorrow for septic day 2

In the meantime Steve has Kaubashine pulled apart for carpet shampooing and a new exhaust fan in the kitchen.  Question is will he be the one to finally get one of the cupboard doors to finally close..  With all these projects going on, Troy was not going to be left out either.. He has the challenge of figuring out how to fit a 34 inch wide leaking bathtub out of our house through doorways that Craig built only 24 inch wide.  Walls and doorways are under alteration and being ripped apart.  What will it all look like in the end… I do not know..  In the meantime I think I will just stay out of the way of all 3 projects and work on stripping my cabinet before snow flies later in the week