I just learned today that the Oberman family lost Heidi to a 2 year battle with cancer.  She will be missed by many including her grandson Ben pictured above.  I chose to put a picture of Ben up instead as Heidi loved her Grandchildren and time spent with them.  Nothing gave her more joy than watching them spend time with each other and their cousins at the lake.  I have always envied the Oberman family for taking time twice a year to spend time together Labor Day and Memorial Day and that was important to Heidi.

She was originally from Germany and always talked with a heavy German accent.  I always waited for the thing or 2 Heidi would tell me that was missing from Muskie Inn.  She was never shy to tell me what needed changing and always quick to compliment when we changed something she liked.  I will never forget her calling me to the side to tell me in no uncertain terms the couch in Muskie needed changing “Jenny it Zucks”  I laugh as I type this, for she was very, very right.  She also told me when I got it right and she was in heaven.  I will always be indebt to her and her for teaching me how to stitch on the names on my Christmas stockings.  She patiently sat with me on the cedar swing in the front yard going over the stitch which I finally mastered.  She was a master knitter who needed no pattern and could juggle 7 different colors in a pattern at one time much to my envy.

We cried together Labor Day sitting in Muskie saying goodbye as I knew it was probably the last time I would see her.  I hope she has found a pain free place to be sitting on a dock watching her family gather as I know they will each Labor Day and Memorial Day.  Our hearts and condolences go out to the Oberman, Cornforth and Voight Families they lost a great person in Heidi