Word was out in the neighborhood that it was wreath making day.  All day today we had 3 eagles swooping around the trees at the resort screeching at one another.  It is creepy to be outside and hear them and see the big birds going overhead.  We saw 1 juvenile and 2 adults.  This was the best shot I got all day


Most of my shots look like this.  The eagle is swooping in the background behind the trees


It was out to the woods for bough cutting for the Christmas Wreathes we were making.  Every year the weekend after Thanksgiving we do wreathes


Tools of the trade to gather spruce and whitepine boughs


Stopped by to say hi to “The Head in the Woods”  How many have found this guy in our woods? He kind of creepily surprises you when you find him looking at you in the middle of the woods


Kaubashine wreath making head quarters


We were joined by our new Hazelhurst neighbors Jim and Nancy Kotowicz who just went from being friends andguests for years to being the newest, happiest retirees in the Northwoods.  Nancy picked up quickly the art of bundling for the wreathes.  Jim enjoyed the Packer Game that was playing after making pecan bars to keep everyone working hard.  We were all happy to wear liquid glove a hand cream that makes getting the pine pitch off later much. easier.  We are planning our next get together to play Nancy’s favorite game Bunco


3 hours later 4 wreathes made and Nancy ready to get home before dark


Mack would like to put a shout out to his newest buddy, Barb who dropped him by his favorite present a bone filled with something delicious.  He is not as big of a pig ear fan as old Poe was, he is definitely a bone fan