It was time to cure Mack of his fear of ice or we may never see him at the lake all winter.  Time for a leash and some tough love.  He was very tenative as you can see approaching his favorite swimming hole that had strangely become solid ice


Oh I am sure I will be eaten by the monster that ate all the water in the lake


I do not trust this where is the water….




Ok maybe it is not that bad but I am still not so sure about it


Young dog needs to learn the ancient wisdom of the ages that you let some other fool make the first trail out on the lake and then you can follow it unless you see a hole in the ice with a hat floating on top


Enough stress for the day, I did what you asked, and am still alive but I have had enough and am headed upstairs to the woodstove for a nap


Happy Day Mack stepped out!

These pictures were taken before the big storm hit on Saturday.  So far we have had about a foot of new snow on top of what you see above.  I believe snowmobile trails are opening with this new snow on December 15th.  Snow pics coming tomorrow