Everyone will be happy to know all the summer confirmation letters made it in the mail on Monday..  Good to think of summer but also I am afraid deposits are due January 20th, you can blame property taxes being due January 31st on the due date.  Letters are still done the old fashioned way, rollodex, paper, folding and addressing at the kitchen table wouldn’t do it anyother way, we have a system that works


All of them were carefully licked and sealed by Craig.  Everyone has a job in getting the letters out even the boss.


After lobbying by a few guests the couch in Muskie Inn was deemed in need of replacement.  So out it went today.  There will be many happy to see it go


New leather couch with recliners on both ends headed into Muskie


Steve enjoying the new furniture.  We also added a wood rocker to the right of the couch.  Think it was a good change!  Hope all in Muskie enjoy the change as much as Steve is, in the picture

Snow update.  We got a dusting last night about 1/2 inch on top of what we had.  Wednesday we are expecting another inch or so. Hoping this snow helps the x country trails get in better shape.  Snowmobile trails are going to take more.

Check out for the ski report.  Sounds like not 100% but it is doable except for beginners