I had this picture sent to me by Mike Forer of his Great Grandpa, Grandpa Ott on the beach steps with his daughters Flo Tomensky (Mike Forer’s grandma), Carol Frisch and Rae Hogaboam in 1983.  My memory of Grandap Ott was that he crowed like a chicken each morning at sunrise and gave out lollipops on the perch every afternoon to any kid going past.  I am sure there are many others out there that got lollipops from Grandpa Ott.  This summer his grand children on the Frisch side, great grandchildren an now great great grandchildren will gather to enjoy a week at the resort in July as they have since I believe 1960 unless someone in the family wants to correct me on the date.

Flo’s husband, Chet, is the one that got the family going to the resort.  He was a mail man in LaCrosse and on his route was Millie’s parents who lived in Chaseburg right outside of Lacrosse.  He asked the Egstad’s what was with this resort called Black’s Cliff that they got all the mail from.  They filled them in about their daughter, Millie who was running Black’s Cliff with Maynard and Chet made a phone call and made a reservations and the rest is history