All part of coming up Nort’  Helping Grandpa fill the wheelbarrow full of wood for the nights fire while mom and dad are out on snowmobiles.  Little Cowan was being kept busy by Grandpa… which is bigger that piece of wood or Cowan


Not to be left out, Oscar the black lab was also looking for attention from Grandpa.  Oscar returned from a walk about with Sporty, the bad influence beagle, in his homemade doggie blanket.  It was a little too cold on the paws for a tour of the local neighborhood that Sporty wanted to go on.


Who is enjoying vacation more Cowan getting a wheelbarrow ride or Oscar chewing on a chunk of wood…. or Grandpa who is headed to the fireplace and a recliner while Cowan and Oscar take a nap

I talked to John the Groomer guy who grooms the Bearskin and over 70 miles of trails in our area.  He said the trails are GORGEOUS!  Get out and enjoy them.  The base is beautifully solid and barely needs any grooming it is holding up wonderfully.  He spent 8 hours last night grooming 2:30 – 11:30 done each night by volunteers just like John.  Way to go Minocqua groomers!