With the additional 6 inches of snow we received on Friday night it was a perfect weekend to head out snow shoeing.  Betsy and Betsy the troublesome duo were headed out on to the Willow Flowage to snowshoe at sunset inspired by one of my pictures a couple of weeks ago.  Had to get the maps out to zero in on the undeveloped landing I have not been to, but my friend Grace had.


The Brown tornado, Grace, Mack and Flinn having a wonderful romp in the snow.  I just sent my camera (better known as the extension of my hand) in for its yearly cleaning… I feel lost without my camera it will not be back for a week and a half to 2 weeks.  Bryon has lent me his Nikon but it is just not the same as my Cannon Rebel even though he swears it is a superior camera…. so bare with me til I get the camera back and master using the Nikon