Finally remembered my camera as I was at the K-8 school today.  This is the snowmobile parking area at the school.  I always think is there anything better than being 12 and riding to school on a snowmobile while everyone else is stuck on a bus.  Watching the snowmobile kids take off after school is always fun, they look like they are having the time of their lives with their school backpacks on going moc 10 across the open fields to the woods.  I hear they meet up on Lake Minocqua for a few after school races


Waiting for school to be over.  When parking your snowmobile always remember the rule, park on top of a snowbank never at the bottom, looks way cooler


Bearskin trail today.  We missed the big storm but we have an excellent base and the trails are in tip top shape


Ice shack on Lower Kaubashine.  Missing winter picture today is Mac’s tail after he singed it on the woodstove.  What was that horrible smell… burned hair… Did he learn his lesson.. no, he is laying back by the woodstove as I type and his tail is ok just burned some hairs


Had to include a picture of our local hero Teddy Roosevelt at the local elementary wax museum.  The only thing that was bought was 4.99 mustache.  The rest came from friends and family to create Teddy Roosevelt meets Indiana Jones.


Another local history favorite at the wax museum was “Angle on Snowshoes” also known as Doctor Kate our first local doctor who traveled around the area on snowshoes delivering babies and whatever else she was needed for.  There is a museum in Woodruff that tells the story of Doctor Kate.  She also appeared on the TV show “This is your Live” back in the 50’s I believe.