My adventurous local exploring friend Grace was off on another adventure with her side kick Eddy.  Grace travels by many means, kayaks, skis, hiking, snowshoes but today it was with Eddy and some snowmobiles up to The Porcupine Mountains 2 hours away from Hazelhurst to the Lake of the Clouds.  I have only seen The Lake of the Clouds with out ice and snow.  Grace and Eddy took the trip in the snow.  It is really a wonderful trip any season


Where would Grace be without 4 wheel drive to go on her adventures and Eddy to keep all the machines going


Ready for Adventure lets GO!


Snow so deep on the walkways out to The Lake of the Clouds feeling like you are walking above the trail


The Lake of the Clouds frozen over among the Mountains


View off the trail.  This is a wilderness area and you can hike for miles and miles



Now this is how to have fun seeing the Porcupine Mountains.  I think this was a Bucket List day for Grace.  Thanks to both Eddie and Grace for sharing their adventure in pictures