When it is -20 windchill out what is a dog to do?


Hang out by the woodstove.  When it is this cold we operate 2 woodstoves in our house.  There is nothing like the warm heat that they kick off to warm your bones after being out in the cold.  Mack feels the same way.  Unfortunately he has chosen twice to be to close to the woodstove and the smell of burnt hair has filled the room.  Luckily he has a very thick coat and has not felt the ramifications of his close proximity to the woodstove, hence maybe why he has not learned his lesson.  The first time he backed his tail up into our other woodstove and singed off a bunch of tail hairs the 2nd time he layed right where he is and some coals rolled out falling by his back hairs.  He did not notice either time and gave me a disgusted look when I made  him move and padded down the coals off his back.  5 minutes later he was back to his same spot next to the fire


In Mack’s world there is no better place to be than in front of the fireplace,  I have to agree with him and I have also melted a few of my polar fleeces sitting with my back to the woodstove but the smell of melting polyester is my first clue that it is time to move, wish he would get the same sense when he smells burnt hair.  Never fear spring is not far around the corner