The Hoffman crew arrived for some R and R.  They were supposed to be in Arizona but decided the Northwoods was calling

Larry was at home with his hatchet.  I am not sure if you are allowed to travel with hatchets in the state of Arizona.  They have enough kindling to keep them warm for the next few days.

Mack was learning the benefits of not being a spoiled resort dog

Even with the warm temps our snow cover is holding up for now.  Not sure what the next few days will bring.  The snowmobile trails definitely took a beating.  I did have some folks out this morning snowmobiling but they called it quits this afternoon and headed to the sauna to take care of their trail aches

Mack showing there is still good snow for a good roll and scratch

What are the guys up to?  Not cutting off Troy’s finger hopefully.  His finger is still recovering from the log that rolled on it when Mark and Ted were here cutting wood.  Steve was offering to trim back the nail I think.

Between pedicures they found time to get some floor stripes down on Kaubashine’s floor.  They were also eyeing up a few other changes in Kaubashine before summer..  fridge, stove… flat screen TV… new couch and recliners…  As the budget allows