It was such a nice day it was time to give the family roadster its first car wash since summer.  Not sure it needed it but it just felt like the day to do it.

The wood walk way to the beach appeared today after being incased in snow

Lake frozen solid but showing signs of some melting

Stepping out on the lake you sink a bit in slush.  Makes you think twice about going out but just for a second.  There is still plenty of ice out there.  We have the Cikowski crew coming up this weekend for ice fishing.  It ought to be a great weekend for it

Disappearing sun.  You can feel the warmth from it.  Hopefully it does not get to warm the next 2 days.  They went from calling for rain on Thursday to lowering it to drizzle and snow on Friday.  The snow can stick around til after the 2nd weekend in March and then go