Many in Kaubashine will recognize this favorite dresser.  We have 4 of them in the resort.  The guys thought it was time to put them together.  They are orginal to the resort dating back to when the resort started in 1918 shipped out of Chicago to Hazelhurst.  They are Mission Style and have been well loved.  Some in Kaubashine are right now saying “No don’t take my dresser away, we love that one”  Never fear you are getting something equally cool and bigger.  This one is moving from Kaubashine to Bayview where one of its twins is.  Years ago Craig stripped these dressers.  For some reason in the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s painting old furniture horrible bright colors was in style.  At one point this dresser was painted Canary Yellow

Shipping tag from Chicago to Hazelhurst found on the back of the dresser.  Anyone recognize the maker?  I do not know anything about them.  Dates back to 1918

Steve proudly standing by the dresser he has been restoring since Spring.  He picked it up at a sale for 100 dollars and Craig rolled his eyes when he saw it, in the beat up condition it was in.  Steve put some blood sweat and tears into it and Wa La..  It also dates back to 1918 and is a Water Fall dresser

The WaterFall name comes from the drawer pulls (I have been informed they are not knobs they are drawer pulls)

The mirror is really unique on this piece

Interesting carving on the mirror

Steve putting the last touches on it.  I know many liked the old dresser but I think this bigger one in the big bedroom will be welcome and it is as interesting as the old Mission piece and now GASP we have matching Mission dressers in Bayview.  Imagine that 2 dressers exactly the same in one cabin…