I am not sure what is in the Mayo Jar or what makes this squirrel think that it can get the jar up the tree, or what in the world it is going to do with the jar once it gets it up the tree but it was going to try

I think I can, I think I can… Just not sure what it is I think I can

Opps that did not work like I thought it was going to.  Damn red squirrel tripped me on the way up

What is in the jar that is so fascinating?

Mama always told me if first you don’t succeed try… try again…

And now the rest of the story..  After the squirrels exhusted themselves with the mayo jar you think that would be the end of the story

What is that fascinating smell… squirrel mixed with lunch..

Can’t resist… must try..  instinct has kicked in and must find out what is at the bottom of the jar

Just know I am not stupid enough to try to climb a tree with it.  I have better ideas on what to do with the jar