After 50 degree temps yesterday, today was overcast, foggy and drizzely.  Lower Kaubashine showing melting snow.  I do not think this is the end of winter looks like next weeks forecast has snow in it to get us back on track but for now snow activities are on hold.  It still is pretty though see below

Hillside showing snow loss but I don’t think this will last too long

Beach spotted for the first time in months

Hey lets head out on the lake and see if those guys sitting around the strange holes have some stinky minnows I can steal from them

Ice fishing in the fog

What is holding you up LETS GO I can smell stinky minnows from here

Almost made me get my skates on

My soaking wet feet from walking out on the lake in and inch of water.

Now still hanging around

Yes I do think it is time to take the Christmas lights off the trees.  Now that they are not incased in ice around the ground