Mack headed out on the lake to investigate how the Cikowski crew was doing ice fishing.  What is with these guys sitting on the lake?

Running into our first icefishing hole.  Mack was definitely interested in what it was all about

Nice crappie and bluegill found. The crappie came up white and had turned back to its natural colors as it sat on the ice.

It was a nice one about 13 inches.  They also caught some small Northerns that they threw back

Checking out what Fritz was up to and getting a good scratch

The best part of icefishing in Mack’s mind.  Finding old stinky cubs around the icefishing holes.  We had to restrain him from carrying this one off to either eat it or roll in it enjoying getting the fishy odor all over himself before retreating to sitting by the fireplace and polluting the house with his smell

It got up to 50 on Thursday and the snow was in retreat on the stairways

But we had a secret weapon to have the snow and winter come back…

We took the plow off the truck.  I guarantee that this action will cause a storm to come.