Hey those guys sitting on buckets are back.

Ice fishermen dress in all sorts of garb.  I asked what was with the bright colors and he said it was so his wife could spot him out on the lake

Sun peaking through.  The snow total for later today and tomorrow has been adjusted to 5 inches.  Come on Mother Nature if we are going to have winter hang on you can do better than that!  Later in the week they have more snow projected as well

In the meantime it is perfect for icefishing!  Cody has it right with the chair

With the bite to the wind he had the right hat on for the day.  His “Up Nort” hat

Fritz looked frozen to his bucket with his ear flaps up protecting his ears from the wind.

After being out on the snapping crackling lake for a few minutes, Mack decided his fight or flight instincts were in full gear and retreated to a much safer dock.

When I called his name this was his response.  Turn his head away and sit down.  Memories of trying to get him out on the lake in December were returning

Just as I was about to leave Kip pulled out this nice fat Perch


Apparently on the way back, Mack made a decision that as long as the ice was snow covered it was safe in his book