How much snow did we get… what an insult!!!  We went from 8… then 7…  then 5…  then 4… and this is the pathetic amount of snow we got. Wausau just an hour south is buried and this is what we got!  Apparently dry air above evaporated our snow along with high pressure.  We refer to snow as white gold from the sky for our economy.. hopefully later in the week we pick up a bit more.  Winter Park has its biggest race the first weekend in March so we need snow.  After the 2nd weekend in March I am ready to see it go the quicker the better but til then it can stick around

The wind picked up and battered Muskie Inn pretty good

Why did the snow bypass us?  Yep the guys ruined our mojo and put the plow back on the truck to early on Friday

We also had some of the first entries in the 2011 Ice Out contest.  Cody dropped by the guesses for the Cikowski clan.  Cliff will be heading to the ice on March first