You have heard of Union Busting going on in Madison (yes that is what is going on)..  in The Nort we have something else going on..  No that is not a silhouette of  Governor Scott Walker it is our own buster…

It is The Tunnel Buster

See a tunnel… see a kid go in the tunnel..  must get in the tunnel… even if I don’t fit…  all 100 pounds

Get out of there or I will send the state patrol… I mean the squirrels after you

Just for the record the Black’s Cliff Cleaning Union (yes we have one led by Katie) endorses the efforts in Madison.  Our union if very demanding..  breaks when Katie says so…  soda break when Katie walks down the driveway to open the soda machine…  lunch ready when the last cabin is cleaned.  Katie also leads out their collective bargaining rights for wages and brings her back up the twins to deal with Grandpa