Stopped by Katie’s house and her horses had something to say about this winter.  Gulliver above’s opinion was skip the cold and bring on the snow.  He is tired of frozen water tanks but loves the entertainment of watching Katie and Bryon try to unthaw them

Maggie is tired of her winter coat and ready to start shedding it off.

Truck backed up to a cabin means the guys are busy working.  Keeping Steve and his crowbar away from Birchwood and Wigwam has been a challenge until the winter season is over.  He has been itching to get at Birchwood’s bedroom and Wigwam’s bathroom but not until we are done using them.

Instead they have been taking on smaller projects like carpet in Shamrock.  I like to remind them I have this cabin rented on Thursday….

Ohhh Laaa Laaa

Keeping his hands busy with cutters instead of crowbars

Now to get the cabin back together before Thursday

For those that need their scenery shot for the day