I held the guys back as long as I could with their crowbars but today was the day they got let loose on Wigwam’s bathroom.

So you see the gleam in Steve’s eye with a crowbar in hand.  Walls were flying and holes being made.  Missing picture was Steve man handling the old shower out the bathroom door

Troy picking up the pieces behind Steve

This picture begs a caption.  You got one put it in the comment section

Peek a Boo from the bathroom.  This wall will be moved as we put a bigger shower in the bathroom.  Question is will Steve leave a hole in the wall?

My bigger questions is will the ugly red sink finally leave?  Craig got it on sale in the early 90’s and installed it.  There was a reason it was on sale… a left over from the 80’s or maybe 70’s.  Love ya dad, but this is the ugliest sink in the resort hands down, good deal or even free… I think it is time for it to go

Mack would like everyone to know he is on the trail of the rabbits under the boats and hopes to have them flushed out ASAP, since they have been horning in on the compost pile from our guinea pig cages outside.  Mack’s favorite chew toys this winter have been frozen chunks picked out of the pile that he and the rabbits have been fighting over.  All I can say is GROSS!