Destruction in Wigwam is continuing.  Missing picture is Steve going in Wigwam yesterday with a chainsaw to take out a wall.  How did I miss this picture and nobody let me know what was going on is beyond me…  Troy said he had to leave the cabin and could not watch.. he could have let me know though.. disasters with chainsaws is what this blog is all about

Airy bedroom feel into the bathroom

Steve’s quote for the day “You know you are getting older when you take down walls that you can remember putting in years ago”  Wigwam was the first cabin Craig remodeled in 1988 – 89 with the help of Steve.  Even Troy got in on the action that year coming up to the resort to help destroy the old Wigwam while we were dating.  Little did he know what he was getting into.  How many folks out there remember the old Wigwam with the creepy bathroom off the back of the cabin through the kitchen.

Light snow coming down.  News on Craig and Lynnette after spending a couple of weeks around Big Bend flirting with the Mexican boarder they are headed back to Phoenix safely.  Interesting phone call the other day was he had a few locals stopping by for a beer outside of the RV.  I was just happy to hear he did not get shot or mixed up with the Mexican Drug lords trading bathroom sinks for “other things”  Although maybe he could make a good trade for the ugly red sink in Wigwam….

Checking out to see if the ice is safe today.  It was much more acceptable with a lite coating of snow on it

One last note.  I have been asked by a few groups that have lost loved ones who spent a lot of time at the resort that they would like to have some sort of memorial for them at a place they loved to visit and spent some of their best days of their lives at.  I have contacted a stone carver in Fort Atkinson who does this very reasonably.  If you are interested let me know.  I was thinking of having the rocks with inscriptions on the hillside surrounding Jack’s Landing between Birchwood and Muskie.  He charges 35 for the stone and 3 dollars per letter which I thought was very reasonable.  Send me an email if you are interested  He will be at the Grays Lake home show April 2 and 3rd if anyone is down that way and wants to pick something out