Here is the problem…  See the size of the door…  how to get a shower through this door?

Answer to the problem..  go through the screen.  Will it work?

Heave Ho, I hope you made room for it.  Did Craig think of how to get this in the cabin when finding the “Good Deal” on it this summer….

Just enough room.  Missing pic was me moving the swinging bed over a bit to make more room and loosing balance of the swinging bed as it crashed into the side of the shower.  Shhh…. don’t tell Craig

Ok nice big sliding door..  things are going smoothly no problem!

Uhhh ohhhh can’t make the corner….

ummm this is not going to work

Dad said it would fit.. it is not my fault

Calling Arizona..  you know that “Great Deal” shower you bought…. and want in Wigam…..  we have a small problem…..  which of the walls in Wigwam and weight bearing and which ones can we knock the &*^* out of.

I have a plan and it is going to work….. not sure what Arizona would say about it but I am putting it into action..  Insurance companies do not look

Measurements taken by my LOVELY assistant

Always important to be safe and put wires back in place before starting the operation

Time to smash, no trying to save, just smash into kindling…  What do you suppose dad paid per foot…  I don’t know just keep smashing


Ok now it will fit I am sure…

Anyone know where the chain saw is?

No but we have the handy dandy Saw Zaw that has helped us out of many scrapes before.  Are those wires live?  Umm be careful… Did anyone pay the Workman’s Comp this month?

It made it in minus a few boards, a few swear words and a handy dandy Saw Zaw.  Now to get it installed… but that is a tale for another day with these 2

This blog entry brought to you by me *(&(&( point and shoot camera as my good Cannon Rebel is still MIA being repaired by Best Buy.  I did get a progress report that they are now waiting for parts for the camera they busted when they were cleaning it.  Hopefully it makes it back this week…  I have had enough of the old point and shoot and the graininess of the pictures