Saw Horses set up means one thing.. Construction has started

Notice safety is job one at Black’s Cliff.  Nobody would leave the power in the middle of their workspace where it would possibly get cut..

Olja would like to thank Steve for finding a job that is inside and she can have a nice comfy rug to watch him work with the heat on!

Yes the level does come out.. problem is sometimes never assume that the cabin itself was built level

Itsy bitsy problem… 2 by 4 is level and straight but someone… not saying who cut off to much off the sideways support with a chain saw a few days ago…

I did not have a chain saw taking apart the wall.. you have no pictures to prove it and I am sure it is TROY’S fault not mine.  I will just get a long nail to cover up Troy’s mistake… shhhh don’t tell Craig

Looking for a straight board to work with, with no warp..  can be a challenge in Craig’s lumber pile

Why is it Troy is always hiding in the corner when the camera comes out?  Would you put that damn camera down and give me a hand with something?

Grabbing the tool I am told to grab… Hey who has the camera?

Getting instructions as to what I am supposed to do… can you explain that again?

Better yet grab the marker and do the job yourself while keeping the 2 by 4 level.  Can you explain it again what you needed me to do?

Ok I think I got it

Uhh Ohh.. Now the blame for the walls not being straight can also be blamed on me….  I knew there was an ulterior motive to having me help.. I think I will stick to being behind the camera from now on