Ice Out 2011 is here.  Cliff has returned to the ice.  Once again guesses must be in my mail box by March 14th with 5 dollars.  Guess the correct day that Cliff will sink in the depths of Lower Kaubashine.  Half of the pot will go to the winner or winners to split and the other half will once again be donated to The Northwoods Wildlife Hospital  Send your guesses with your money to Ice Out 2011 C/O Black’s Cliff PO Box 125 Hazelhurst WI 54531.  Let the fun begin!

Mack had not met Cliff yet and was a little freaked out by the strange guy out on the ice who was missing his head

Circling around to the other side of the headless guy on ice

Never seen anything like this before

Definitely a stinky guy after being in the closet for a year

Cliff sporting a new look in a matching vest this year.  We put away the purple one he has worn the last few years

Enjoying the late afternoon sun on Lower Kaubashine

Do I get a guess too because I am ready for my swimming hole to return!  Get your guesses in