This is what happens when the guys are loose in a cabin.  Tool after tool after tool….

Getting the walls back up

I got called into the cabin to “Help” again… I was put in a very important role, being in charge of the buckets…  All I heard from the guys was “You think those buckets are strong enough to hold it up?”  “Sure they are cylinders”   This sounds like Geometry to me and I think I remember Steve’s grade in Geometry…

Even with my doubts they were right the buckets held up the shower.  Missing pic is Steve and I holding it up on opposite sides while Troy glued below.  Troy always gets stuck with the under the cabin tight space work

Glued and installed in!  Now to get everything back together.  To do that we need……

Some nice sanded boards cut to just the right length…..  hmmm were did these come from…….  I think they had to leave an IOU note for someone down the road…..

Get your ice out guesses in they have to be in by March 14th