Our friend Cliff looks like he is sleeping in the sun today.  Remember that there is just a week left to get in on the guessing for when Cliff will take the plunge into Lower Kaubashine in Ice Out 2011.  All entries are due by March 14th in my mail box

It was a great weekend once again for ice fishing.  These guys looked like they were having the time of their lives with their ATV’s out on the lake

Ice fishermen followed closely by Mack looking for dead fish to bring home proudly and munch on in a snow bank..  The things that make dogs happy…

Our wood pile next to the house has been emptied out… Spring must be close.  Time to break into the 2nd store house of wood

Time to get the wheelbarrows out

Moving wood on a Sunday afternoon.. the perfect excuse to get 16 year olds outside into fresh air that they need sometimes