I noticed a strange amount of smoke coming from Birchwood..  I have given the guys a green light to start working on their remodeling project and then I see smoke coming from the chimney….  I was almost afraid to step in the cabin to see what they were up to

Before stepping in the cabin I took this picture of the new snow in the trees.  I think our maple syrup tapping may take til atleast the weekend or beyond to start the sap flowing.  We have another storm coming through Wednesday

Once in the cabin I found evidence of their destruction.  What would Craig or better yet Maynard say to burning this beautiful 1970’s paneling.

I got in the cabin just in time to catch Steve with the crowbar

Troy was already cleaning up Steve’s path of destruction.  This bedroom is finally getting matching cedar paneling that goes with the other bedroom.  We have had this project on the list for a few years.  New carpeting and maybe a new ceiling too as they decide how far to go.  Somehow projects like these get bigger the farther they get into it

The trail they leave behind

Stepped over to Wigwam to see how close they were to be done there.  New linoleum will have to be put in the bathroom at least.. will that carry over into the entire cabin?  I have no idea I just take the pictures

New bigger shower installed.  I think there are a few ladies out there cheering

Imagine being able to sit and shave your legs at Black’s Cliff.. no need to contort your body for the sake of smooth legs at the beach this summer

The new walls back up in the bedroom matching the old walls pretty good.  Little less space for the dresser but I think it was worth it

Down at the lake, the new snow was starting to bury Cliff.  No melting yet.  So far we have 15 entries in the Ice Out Contest.  Get your guesses in before March 14th

Will these boats be covered in snow tomorrow

The raft unburied for now

You got to love the puppy in Mack.  He undug the rope to the sled to drag it around the yard

Love to know what is going on in that head of his

I stepped back over to Wigwam to see how the shower was coming.  Apparently they are at a stopping spot for the moment til the walls get stained and varnished.  They got their first coat today