It was a snowy day in the Norrthwoods.  This tree across the lake has become one of my new favorite pic to take.  Still stuck with the old Cannon Point and shoot.  Precision Camera from Best Buy called to tell me they are still waiting on a part for my camera that they smashed when I sent it in for cleaning.  I am now hitting a month and a half without my camera and getting a little cranky about it

Cliff was not looking to perky either.  I recieved a few more entries in the Ice Out Contest today in the mail.  That crazy Moore family got their guesses in.  You still have time to get them in send the date you think Cliff will sink to Black’s Cliff PO Box 125 Hazelhurst 54531 along with 5 dollars per guess.  Join in the fun!

Cliff looking a bit lonely

Destruction continued today with the saving of a few pieces of panneling

Bella stopped came along with Dad today to help out where she could

As I thought the new walls also became new carpet and new ceiling

I learned something new today this wall material is know commonly as bull*&(  board.  I had no idea..


New wall boards coming in the cabin.  These did not come from the honey hole of nicely sanded and cut boards that they ran into last week for Wigwam.  Craig did call with something to say about being stolen from

Snow slowly following while the construction goes on