I ran out of the house after forgetting an ingredient for dinner and noticed the beautiful sunset that was going down.  Of course in my rush to leave the house I left the camera at home.  I called Troy and asked him to head down to the lake to snap a quick pic of the sunset.  So off he and Mack went to the middle of the lake

Thanks to Troy for humoring me and heading out on the frozen lake

Bye the way I have found a great new website for cooking and a funny blog about ranching in Oklahoma.  Tonights dinner that I was running to town for was for Tomato Juice for this recipie http://thepioneerwoman.com/cooking/2008/02/sherried_tomato_soup/  Only took 20 mintues to make and made everyone except for Jake happy along with grilled cheese sandwhiches.  While on the website check out her Confessions link it is pretty funny hearing about cows and ranching gives you new respect for hamburger