I had these great pics sent in from Amy Hebert (Tempel) sent me a few of her favorite pics from summer.  This picture was on the blog back in July but it is a great pic to put up again of Abigail catching her first big bass and bigger than any bass her dad Charles caught all week

Abigail again in her pink PJ’s fishing with Charles.  She is a serious fishingwoman.

When not fishing, Abagail enjoying the beach

Stopping in to say hi to old Poe

Sunset boat ride with Mom

Kevin Stobb shared a few of his pics as well.  Thanks Kevin for sending in your pics!

Beautiful Sunset on Lower Kaubashine

Followed by an awesome sunrise

Thanks Kevin and Amy for sharing with everyone.

Spring Break has been a bit wet and wild but the woods are calling us back soon.  I hear Mack, Sue and Steve have been holding down the fort while we have been sliding away.  If they make it through tonight with the invasion of the dastardly Christian Ladies all will be well

Til then keep your eye out for the Black’s Cliff cleaning car on a road near you.  So far it has survived its trip out of the woods