While we were gone Steve got quite a ways on Birchwood and Wigwam’s remodeling projects.  Walls were going up on Birchwood

Steve learned from Craig where to write his notes and measurements

My job is never done, innocently taking pictures and roped into helping…  I seem to remember doing this in Wigwam and being blamed for a crooked wall.

Quit complaining and just hold the damn tape measure in place

While complaining was going on, on the other side of the room, Troy was quietly putting the last boards in place

Houston we have a problem.. they don’t fit exactly and I am not cutting them again.

Yeah you are right they don’t quit fit….

A very wise old man gave me advice in a situation like this “Use the Force, Use the Force” and push it in place

In the end it all works out well, just remember to “Use the Force”

Meanwhile over at Wigwam the new bathroom floor was layed

Rumor has it that for one year this is as far as the floor goes until they do the entire cabin in the new flooring.  We shall see if I can lobby to get it done this spring…..