What do you do in March?  Sarah and Gloria came up for Spring Break.  When Sarah was younger she headed to the exotic locations like Miami with her friends and now asks Mom to go to the cold Northwoods with her for springbreak.  What to do… You sneak into the shed and pull out a few beach chairs to soak up the rays with.  Linda eat your heart out they beat you to goose pimple sunbathing.

They got to be the first to test out the new beach rocking chair I picked up this week at Island City Antiques.  A few weeks from now it will be getting a fresh coat of John Deere green paint

Time to find some inside activities.  Nothing like playing Gogo’s to feel like springbreak.  Much better than the games that can be found along the coast this time of year

What are Gogo’s you ask?  Little creatures that you flick across the table at your opponents gogos trying to knock them over.  It is the millenium’s version of marbles or jacks

One line of gogos against the other

Gloria proved to be quite a good shot

She had her opponent quivering

Spring Break at Black’s Cliff, with my mom, Gogo’s and beach chairs how much better could it be?