Under the advice of management president, Steve headed to the rental store to rent some tools.  When he came back with 2 large black cases I was a little worried

Before getting into “The Black Boxes” I must show the interior of Wigwam at the moment.  Somewhere the livingroom is underneath all the construction materials

Better yet the kitchen

What cook would not want a toilet in their kitchen to sit on and think

Now to the carpet.  Time to get it out of the attic of the office where it has been stored for 3 years since Craig found “The Great Deal” on it.  Heave ho from the 2nd story I am sure Troy can catch it No Problem

With snow on the ground I am sure happy we came up with another inside project that involves heat

First stop the biggest, closest livingroom to stretch out the carpet to cut it.  Muskie Inn.  Notice I now have another cabin that has been messed up by the guys and closed for the time being til they are done

First stop for carpet is Birchwood with the special tools from “The Black Boxes”

Oh what trouble will I find to come up with for this item

Coming tomorrow.  The sap has been flowing and time to start cooking down the maple sap we have been collecting.  The maple season is just getting into swing with temps in the 40’s during the day and freezing at night.  Can’t wait to get started cooking it