The sap is running and this is one way of enjoying what they call “The Sweet Run of Spring”  Many of Grant’s friends tap trees and he is no stranger to enjoying when the sap runs.  He is happy we finally decided to join in.  We only have 15 trees tapped this spring compared with his friend down the road that has 200.

The more polite way of getting a sample of the sap

Collecting our first batch of sap.  We decided to store it for now til we get enough to boil down.  This is when it comes in handy to have a lot of vacant cabins with fridges running

I still have my #%#%# point and shoot camera and this is the best the camera would do taking a picture of the frozen sap this morning.  They call it a sapsicle  I am sure everything will be flowing again this afternoon.  We already have one bag on our best tree 1/3 full from after collecting yesterday.  The trees in the sun on the hillside are flowing best.  The ones in the woods are still a bit sluggish

Called Best Buy again about my smashed camera and told they were waiting for parts from China….  I get my hands on that camera I may never let them off it again..  although I bought a 3 year maintenance cleaning plan for once a year cleaning.  I sent the camera off January 12th for its cleaning…. before it came back smashed and sent back out February 8th…. Grumbling grumbling….