We had a meeting of a group we are going to call Black’s Cliff Alumni Group.  Those that have chosen to put up their own 4 walls and swinging bed in the Northwoods and move up.  Jim and Nancy are the newest members who are enjoying their retirement in the Northwoods and Al an Roberta are trying to find that just right house for them to move up as well.  We have decided we need to have a Alumni picnic this summer and have them all get together to compare notes on enjoying retirement in the Northwoods.  Nancy would like everyone to know she has finally gotten over her fear of being out after dark when it is sooo dark in the Northwoods!  Jim and Nancy had to go out to eat early so they could be home before dark when they first moved up.

We also had our neighbor Matt Drewery stop in on skis to give us Maple Syrup advice.  He lives back in Muskie Bay where he has 200 trees tapped and has a special maple sugar woodstove with a built in sap pan.  I am in sap pan envy.

Time to head home

Matt would like to report the skiing on Lower Kaubashine some of the best of the year.  He had put all their skis away before the big storm last week but decided to get them back out and enjoy some precious last days of skiing.Thanks for stopping in Matt, next time we see you I hope it is by pontoon boat if the lake ever unthaws

The edges of the lake are not showing signs of retreating….  Maybe by July.  More snow in the forecast as far as the eye can see… grumble…. grumble.. grumble..  this will shut down our tree sap collecting

Cliff showing signs of some melting but it looks like he is still frozen in place

What to do while it there is still snow on the ground… time to clean the office..  never know what you will find.  Katie has been looking 5 years for a folder with the Black Family History written down by Martha Black, Maynard’s sister and guess what I found yesterday!  Yeah!!  Pays to clean the office once in awhile.  Also found a rent payment from someone from 2007 under my desk, I guess they got a present of a free vacation that year