This smart little red squirrel figured out how to foil our squirrel flipping bird feeder.  We have a Yankee Droll Flipper that I got from Minocqua Hardware which flips them off when they hit the green bar.  This bugger is the first one in over a year that figured out a way around it.  He wedged himself in the bars and that worked for a short time…

Til he started to make adjustments and move around

Projectile squirrel….. Weeeeeeeee

And again

and again will he learn….

Nope did not learn

ahhhh for a couple of moments

I almost got the gold mine….

Flying squirrel.  I could watch this happen for hours and hours.  I did catch a video of it but can not get it formatted right for youtube.  If I figure it out I will post it here or on Facebook whichever comes first.  If you have not Liked Black’s Cliff on Facebook you might want to check it out.  I do post a few things in both places that our of my laziness do not get posted on the blog or vise versa.

Red squirrels have to be the smartest of the squirrel family.  Which is why they have gotten on the bad side of our family for years figuring ways into cabins to only get stuck and chew their way out.  It may soon be time for squirrel relocation program to be put in effect… it is better than squirrel elimination but sometimes I am ready for that too

In syruping news we boiled down our batch of syrup til 7pm on Saturday using all the sap we had.  It boiled down to a murky tan color.  We are going to make a 2nd batch to add to it before boiling both down to completion.  The bigger the batch the easier it is to get it right I have been told.  Unfortunately Mother Nature is not cooperating.  If you can tell from the squirrel pictures we were given an April Fool of 2 inches of heavy wet snow that has shut down the trees for a few days.  Hopefully by Wednesday we are boiling the 2nd batch.  There is nothing like smelling maple syrup boiling it is heavenly!