I thought I would post the before I start cleaning up after the guys in Birchwood picture.  This may take days…..

This mirror has always hung in the livingroom of Birchwood and I love the mirror but it did not have just the right place.  But now I think I have it.  The new big bedroom of Birchwood.  I am sure I will have several opinions on this…

I kind of like it.  Bedrooms is slowly being put back together

What my wonderful dog presented me with this morning on the sidewalk… I think he was out on the lake checking out the holes left by icefisherman.  His new favorite thing is, is to have this in his mouth and jump up in the air flinging it and then fetch it.  Dead Fish game….  Ohh I am in so much trouble with him this summer

With Craig out of town, Steve has taken it upon himself to be the “Great Deal” finder.  He headed over to Pukall Lumber to see what he could find for a door for Wigwam

Ummm I don’t think it is going to fit

Can’t blame Craig for finding a door too big to get in the cabin….. Maybe it would fit through the screen like the shower did… but who really wants to take the screen off again

Time for some measurements

Measurements… who thinks of measurements when the door is on sale for 50% off says Steve.  Troy says “I do”

Heave Ho and lets go

I think she is gonna fit Captain

Whew says Steve because it was a no return policy on 50% off

In other news Troy tried out a new wood cooking system for our maple sap.  The trees are flowing and time to get cooking.  Wood is free so we thought we would see if we could come up with a way of cooking it off over a fire instead of LP.  Although LP sure is easy

That is a kettle of water testing out.. next step is to bring over the syrup pan when he gets things going

Dang where did that fish go…. it disapeared when I was not looking and it has to be around here somewhere…