Fire going burning off the last of our maple sap, beautiful spring day means one thing, lunch by the fire.  No healthy food allowed

Yum, maple sap boiling and hotdog cooking

First Smore of the season eaten

Cleaning up the yard of all the fallen sticks burned in the fire.  This fire served so many purposes

Just after lunch Linda and Lindsey Scheid stopped in to learn about maple syruping.  They had been following the blog and wanted a few more pointers.  Linda could not resist giving the sap a try.  They have a bunch of birch trees on their property in Eagle River and will be giving Birch sap a try next year.  The sugar content of the Birch trees is not as high as Maple so you have to do a bit more boiling but it should work just fine.

Time to get the bikes out of storage and pumped up for the first ride of the season

First edges of the lake starting to show signs of going out down where the road meets the lake.  I think spring has sprung in the Northwoods