I remembered my telephoto today to take a picture of Cliff sliding into the Lake.  The day he sinks is getting closer and closer

Getting ready for summer use of the porches we had these 2 canvases redone.  They last for 30 – 40 years and it was time these 2 were replaced at Shamrock.  We have them specially made at Custom Cover’s and Awnings in Woodruff.  They do great work if anyone is looking for some for their own porches.

We boiled down our 2nd batch of syrup.   This batch turned our much darker than the first one.  No idea why.  We learned with this batch to filter it more often through the cheese cloth so the end result had much less foreign objects in it.  I say they just add to the texture and enjoyment, but Troy was more than happy to see less small floating things in the syrup.  To can them we simply put the heated syrup int he jars, boiled the lids and put them on.  They sealed themselves as they cooled off