Our Ice out 2011 winner is Mike Grady who picked today April 19th as his day for Cliff to plunge into Lower Kaubashine.  Mike was a 2nd place winner a few years ago getting his 5 dollar coupon to Hilltop Bar in a previous contest.  Congrats to Mike and also to Ruth where ever she is…

We looked over the hill to see Cliff this afternoon floating away

Troy pulling him in as usual.  We are missing his chair somewhere and will have to do a dive for it when it is warmer

Cliff coming into dry dock to drip dry.  Tomorrow he will have snow piled on top of him

We have a tie for 2nd place and it made me happy to dig in my files and come up with another interesting picture of Linda Hoadley.  Linda had April 20th picked and will receive a 5 dollar coupon to Hilltop Bar along with…

Danny Ross who is on the right side of the picture who never gets excited about winning anything.  He will have to have Grandma Char take him to the bar because he is not 21 yet and will have to stick to Root Beer for his 2nd place win.

Thanks to everyone for following along this spring… Until Ice Out 2012 Cliff goes back into the closet to come out for special occasions… Like a trip to Hilltop for a drink with LInda with her winnings