Why was our van so dirty in the last entry.  We went exploring an hour and a half from the resort up to Copper Falls State Park.

Anything at Copper Falls involves stairs many many stairs!  We headed up to the tower first.  1/2 of the stairways and paths were developed during FDR’s CCC days by WWI vets called The Doughboys.  The stairways many are made of beautiful flag stone

Up the steps we go

View from the first set of stairs on the way to The Tower

What is a hike that does not involve a geo cache

Made it to the tower and what does it involve but more and more stairs

View from the top out at the Peenokee Mountains.  The Peenokee Mountains at one time were taller than the Rockies but were worn down during the ice ages.  All that is left is the roots of the old volcanos.  Want to know more about them sit down with Craig sometime and he will fill you in.  He taught Geography of Wisconsin for years at our local Technical College and loves to talk about the rock formations around Wisconsin even when he kids would run in horror on every family vacation when rocks were brought up.  I was also on a flight into Jamaica one time when he had everyone on the plane in hearing range listening intently to the Geography of Jamaica.

View looking directly down from the tower

On to more and more stairs up!

Up the stone carved stairs

View from the top looking down… on to the water falls

Spring is definitely the time to see the water flowing.  It was beautiful even on a cool overcast day

State Parks in Northern Wisconsin in April… nobody around perfect time to check them out.  Our lonely minivan in the parking lot

How did our minivan get so dirty?  After Copper Falls we headed out into the Chequamagon National Forest to find our Bed and Breakfast we were staying at and another day of adventure…..  Were we ended up made Black’s Cliff seem like downtown Chicago.. But that is a tale for a different day.  I have maple syrup boiling outside and time to check the fire.  Copper Falls is definitely a great day trip from the resort for anyone looking for adventure on pavement.  Adventure on dirt roads that will come in the next entry